House of Investments, Inc.

The House of Investments was fashioned to be the unit that will drive the YGC’s presence towards high-value industries and realize our intention to be an influential force in nation building. It is important to ensure that all of our stakeholders benefit from our continued growth, development and success.

The key to this is to further build and capitalize on the strengths that we have accumulated from our continued diversification activities, and to apply our strategic management expertise to steer the enterprises we acquire to the top of their respective sectors.

Our commitment to this end is underpinned by the core values we have nurtured through the years: Service Excellence, Professionalism, Loyalty, Sense of Urgency and Teamwork. Backed by the knowledge and resources amassed through 100 years of operations, the YGC provides HI with a stable platform upon which exponential growth and group-wide synergies can be further generated.